My Core Purpose

... to support you to feel better about yourself (and see that it's definitely not just you who feels like this)

My Core Values

Value - I will believe in you and your unique experience
Inspire - I will encourage you to understand yourself better
Support - I will support you to move forward

What do I really believe?

That talking with someone who knows about the psychology of stuff really does work

That it is possible to adapt our way of thinking, the automatic unhelpful stuff that pops into our head, and feel better about the stuff that’s been bothering us for a long time 

 How do I do that?

By helping you to better understand your thoughts, feelings and actions and exploring your sense of self

Have you ever thought any of the above?

For some of us these messages go round in our heads hundreds and hundreds of times.  So much so that they are no longer simply beliefs about ourselves they have actually become truths and we start to live our lives by these truths.  We give up on our dreams, we lose all hope for the future and we feel like we’ve failed before we’ve even tried.

It's important to know that thoughts aren't facts.  

I look at you as an individual.  What might be happening in your life right now and also your background and history
How you look at the world, what’s troubling you and what you are looking to achieve in therapy.

If I was to try and simply sum it up I would say I do it

By listening to you and really hearing what you are and aren’t saying
By guiding you through a series of conversations about you without the fear of judgement  
By valuing you and your personal experience showing empathy and regard  

Does all of that sound good or sound uncomfortable?  Either is okay.  If it feels uncomfortable then that means it’s important to you and that’s actually a good place to start.  Often the hardest bit is starting.

I work with three different theories: 
Person Centred Approach (PCA) 
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (commonly known as CBT) 
Attachment theory (AT) 

Underpinning all of this is the Transtheoretical Model (TTM), which looks at amongst other things a series of stages of change you will go through.  It helps us see what stage you are at the start of us working together and how you move through this to see how it is working.

I find unless you have studied this stuff all of that doesn’t mean a whole lot at this stage and that’s OK, 
you don’t need to know everything and we will work together on this.   

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Helping to fix hurts that can't be seen

I work from a location in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
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