Clinical and Management Supervision  

Are you looking for a collaborative and supportive approach to developing both yourself and your practice?

I offer clinical and management supervision to a wide range of professionals: 

- Trainee therapists studying counselling and psychotherapy
- Newly qualified and qualified therapists
- Senior managers / leaders in charity and local government sectors
- Managers managing both clinical and non-clinical support services   
-    Support workers
-    Advocates
-    Admin teams
-    Counsellors
-    Psychotherapists
-    Mental health professionals 

How I work 

The client is always at the heart of the process, however I believe in putting you alongside this so you also feel held, contained and supported.  

The work we do with clients is incredibly rewarding and valuable however it’s not lost on me how lonely at times it can feel, whether that’s supporting a client or managing a team.  At times we might feel de-skilled, have feelings of failure and feel stuck and uncertain.  I will support you to navigate the systems and processes so you don’t feel so alone in the work. We will also be celebrating the good stuff, the breakthrough moments for your clients / teams and yourselves and the important milestones you will be reaching! 

You will have a safe, non-judgmental space to share how you are thinking, feeling and responding to your clients / teams, their process and the work you are doing together.  We will work safely and ethically referring to the BACP Ethical Framework as a key reference point.  You may have different guidance you are required to follow (a different awarding body or institution) and we can refer to this also.   I offer tools, share skills and provide insights to help you to safely manage your client’s needs, their vulnerability and risk and their wellbeing along with your own. Your wellbeing is important to me too.  

My theoretical approach 

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and trained specifically in this approach, as I believe that integrating all aspects of our relational, emotional, psychological and physiological needs and understanding the impact of our environment is essential to our personal growth. I work with a distinct model integrating Person Centred theory, with the theory of attachment and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.  Underpinning this approach I work with the principles and stages of the Transtheoretical Model of change. 

It is important that you consider if your theoretical orientation is compatible with this model and approach.  If you are studying your university or institution is likely to have guidelines for who you are required to work with.  I can support your work with young people (16+) and adults.   

I believe that by understanding our past, having the space to process this and linking the impact of this with the present creates a deeper level of self- awareness.  With information, feedback and psycho education, individuals can better evaluate what is happening now, to identify and manage any distressing feelings and adapt unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviours to be able to move forward.  I provide guidance and resources but with an underlying emphasis on valuing your unique experience and skills.  This will ultimately be a collaborative relationship.  

Background, experience and qualifications 

I work with anyone who is looking for support to alleviate a present distress or disruption however I specialise in supporting survivors of childhood harm (including men, women and young people) to reduce further harm and facilitate recovery and personal growth. 

As well as an Integrative Psychotherapist I am an EMDR therapist.  I am an accredited registered member of the BACP and a member of EMDR UK and Ireland and I am verified as a BUPA approved Psychotherapist.

I am qualified to Master’s degree level.  

I have a background in private, charity and public health sectors where I held senior professional leadership roles within the first two.  I am aware of the many distinct and similar challenges across all.  

I have 30 years experience of leading, coaching and mentoring individuals including junior and middle managers, support workers, clinical leads, administrators, graduate trainees and student placements. 

I have provided clinical and management supervision to all levels of management within the third sector covering a wide range of presenting issues including vulnerability and risk, safeguarding and vicarious trauma.  I have a very good understanding of the impact of the work we do on ourselves as individuals and teams and the pressures and challenges of working therapeutically with clients particularly when navigating this within a business driven environment.  

I spent five years as the Director of an independent domestic abuse charity and held a board position within a local charity supporting survivors of sexual abuse and incest.  I chaired the domestic and sexual abuse forum for the county of Nottinghamshire bringing charities together to collaborate on how best to meet the needs of survivors of abuse.  During my time as Director I was responsible for the overall strategic vision and business development of the organisation, driving innovation and leading on change within the sector.  All of these experiences gave me great insight and a much broader understanding of the critical needs of our communities and the holistic role local support services can play in the overall support of our clients.  It helped me better understand the many challenges individuals, communities, organisations face and how best to support individuals and teams by valuing and integrating everyone’s unique skills.   

I have worked within an NHS IAPT setting (Improving Access to psychological Therapies) delivering High Intensity Counselling to individuals ranging from 16 to 80+.  This experience gave me a deeper understanding of the wider issues facing our communities across Derbyshire and the challenges they face when accessing support.  It also helped me to appreciate the challenges therapists face when working within a demanding framework and how this impacts on them as individuals alongside the distinct dynamic within the workplace. 

I hope my broad experience, openness to grow personally and desire to support you to be as good as you can be (and you don’t need to be perfect) will appeal to you and your needs and look forward to working together!  



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