Benefits of Therapy

What might you get out from ‘just talking’? 

People feel able to face their fears and trust in themselves more

... stop unhelpful patterns
... are less bothered about what other people think
... feel free of guilt and shame
... are able to see they are not to blame for others behaviour
... feel more confident in themselves greater self-esteem
... find better coping strategies to deal with the stuff that's bothering them
... feel less anxious, depressed, worried, sad, confused
... have more self control


As a result they:

- have better relationships and friendships
- are more successful at work (may have found work) 
- no longer need to rely medication
- no longer rely on things like drugs, alcohol or work as a way of coping
- have better self esteem and are generally happier in themselves

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Helping to fix hurts that can't be seen

I work from locations in Nottingham City, Mansfield and Ilkeston.
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